Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Apple Blog Begins...

Hello to anyone out there in web land that finds this blog! My name is LJ, (for short), and I am an Applebees waitress. I just recently started for this company, and I feel the need already to do a little venting as I learn the ropes at this new restaurant.

To give you some quick background about me, I will say that I have been in the restaurant industry for well over 20 years. I have done almost every job in the business for a time, but my main skills have been in the serving and bartending side of the biz. I enjoy restaurant life very much, by the way, and this blog is not going to be a total bitch-fest, but there will be days when I do have to whine a bit, even if it does me no good. Thank God for blogging!

I would also like to note that I will not be using my own real name, nor will any name I use in this blog be real. This is to protect myself and my fellow workers from any embarrassment. I will certainly try to be consistent in my use of aliases, but I do get mixed up every now and again, so don't sue me!

I will try to be kind, but it may be difficult to always be nice about some of the things that go on at the restaurant I work at! If I can't be kind, I will try to be fair, but that may not work out either. We will just have to see...

If you do enjoy my blog, I would certainly ask that you become a follower! I will try to respond to any comments you make, and I look forward to making some new friends who may have had some of the same experiences in the business as I have!

I hope this post finds all who read it healthy and well.


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